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Ubud Diary: Preserving Pengosekan Style Painting

The painting style of Pengosekan Village in Ubud is widely known for its flora and fauna objects which was developed by I Dewa Putu Sena in the 1970s.

Pengosekan village flora and fauna painting has continued to develop since then and reached its peak in the 1990s. One of the art shop owners and artists who also has important role in developing and promoting Pengosekan painting is Mangku (Made) Gina, who has been actively promoting Pengosekan painting since the 1960s.

In 1974 he had a special guest, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip from England who wanted to meet the Pengosekan village artists in person. Now in his old age, he inherited his effort to his son Ketut Sabeth to continue developing Pengosekan painting Style.



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