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Para Penerus Tradisi

Balinese traditional painting does not have a place in the hearts of most young people. This kind of painting is considered unable to create much more money, especially during the storm of COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

However, some of the young artist appeared as new seeds growing on the edge of storm. They are, I Nyoman Gede Darmawan and I Made Mudra who are already married, I Gede Arista Yudhistira, I Wayan Agus Sudiarta Yadnya, I Kadek Wiradinata, and Ida Bagus Rekha Bayutha who are still studying in university, and I Wayan Martino who is still study in High school.

This video is dedicated to traditional painters, especially young painters in Bali, to keep their passion in creating artwork that adorn the beautiful Bali island.

Written by Richard Nixon Tambalo

Filmed & edited by Ari Mendrofa



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