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Ubud Diary : Bali’s Newest Art Gallery Showcasing the Ubud Style

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

A new art gallery and cultural landmark, Ubud Diary, has opened in Lodtunduh – just south of Ubud – presenting a collection predominantly exhibiting paintings of the Ubud style.

Ubud Diary held its grand opening on the 30th of November, 2019, coinciding also with a book launching of ‘Ubud Diary: Celebrating the Ubud School of Painting — The Diversity of Visual Language’, written by Richard Horstman.

The book and gallery have the same focus and mission, that is to promote the Ubud style of painting. Founder Tommy Diary, also known as Made Ary, noticed how the Ubud school of painting was being lost with the new generation, how young painters were not taking up the style – one which has been central to Bali’s art history.

Thus, in this new art gallery, the Ubud style takes centre stage, with the hopes that this school of painting shall be revitalised. You will find prominent Ubud style artists exhibited on the walls of Ubud Diary – more than 20 Balinese artists are exhibited. Each artist follows the Ubud style, but present their very own subjects and individual interpretations.

Other than paintings, Ubud Diary also features a collection of wooden antiquities and artefacts, imbued into the building are carved doorways and decorations that continue this homage to Indonesian culture. The whole space incorporates a villa and a gallery as well. Bringing new technology into the art space, each of the pieces displayed has a QR-Code that contain information and detail about the artwork, displayed on the Ubud Diary phone application.

Ubud Diary is set to become another landmark cultural destination in the area, and together with the Ubud Diary book they will help to bring awareness to the Ubud School of Painting for future generations.

Ubud Diary Jalan Anak Agung Gede Rai No. 550, Lodtunduh, Ubud +62 361 9082636



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