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Bali Kamasan Painting

Kamasan is the center of wayang (Balinese painting) painting in Bali. The village is even known as the "warehouse" of Balinese classical puppet painting.

The Kamasan painting developed in the 16th century during the reign of Dalem Waturenggong, king of the Gelgel Kingdom. Since the Dalem Waturenggong rule, Kamasan village grew into a village that created seeds of fertile art and wayang (Balinese puppet) painting which is now known as Wayang Kamasan Painting. The Nyoman Mandra Studio, managed by Nyoman Mandra's daughter, Sri Wedari and her husband, Made Sesangka Laksana, is one of the studios that still survive to preserve Kamasan's paintings.

--- Filmed & edited by Ari Mendrofa


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